About Us

We are a caring organisation. Our counsellors work together to find the best type of therapy for each persons needs. Our counsellors each have their own expertise which they apply with care, help and healing qualities to each client. 

You are not alone! We aim to form a trusting bond, a relaxed environment and develop an individuals faith in their own abilities. We want our clients to move forward, heal, deal with their problems and overcome the obstacles that are stopping them from leading a fulfilling life. 

Choice of therapy may depend on how you prefer to express yourself. 

We guarantee: 

  • confidentiality within the bounds of ethical guidelines 
  • expert help 
  • referrals if applicable 
  • a caring and non judgemental approach
Some of the areas we deal with: 

Relationship problems - Stress - Anxieties - Abuse - Depression - Panic disorders - Eating disorders - Bereavement - Anger issues - Traumas - Phobias - Addictions - Self-development - OCD - Bullying - Low self confidence - Terminal illness - Work related stresses - Self-esteem.

A friendly chat with one of our team is your first step on the pathway to achieving your goal.